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Concierge Security Services – The first thing your guests/clients should see when they enter your building or venue is a professional and courteous individual providing peace of mind and the assurance of safety and security. This is exactly what you get with Louisville Security Services . Using only active duty police officers, our security details can be hired through Louisville Security Services to monitor, provide excellent customer service and peace of mind to your guests. 

While security is always the top priority, concierge security officers also act a welcoming host to your event space, apartment, condo, hotel and more. On the security side, the concierge is the first line of defense against suspicious activities. Using their superior training as police officer, your concierge will pay close attention to details to ensure your guests are kept safe at all times. Our concierge security services can ensure unwanted guests are not to enter your venue and also remove any guests causing a disturbance, all in a very professional and direct manner. Having an active duty police officer as your concierge is an easy decision to anyone who wants to have and provide peace of mind.

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